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When Do You Need Septic Cleaning?

Over time, your septic tank will take in residue and debris. There’s nothing you can do to stop this from happening. As such, you need to clean your septic tank from time to time. 

Curious as to when a septic cleaning is needed? You’re reading the right article. Not only are we going to give you a typical timeline for septic system cleaning but also the surest signs that you need septic services as well. Let’s go!

How Often Should You Clean Your Septic System?

While there’s no one timeline for how often you should clean a septic tank, most septic tanks follow the same general guideline. As such, you should use this general guideline not to dictate the cleaning time but to inform it. 

Generally speaking, you should clean a septic tank every 3 to 5 years. Most septic tanks will be, more or less, full at the end of 5 years. As such, they could start to cause problems for you, including full sewage backups. 

There are a number of factors that could affect this timeline. They include the following:

Consider the Size of the Septic Tank 

The septic tank’s size will have a large effect on how often it needs to be cleaned. A large tank that handles the same amount of waste as a small tank will be cleaned less, as it will have more room for the scum that’s left behind. That said, your tank should be sized to accommodate your home’s needs, and, if it is, will still need to be cleaned every 3 to 5 years.

Consider the Amount of Sewage That Your Home Creates

Another factor that will affect cleaning frequency is the amount of sewage that your home creates. Simply put, the more sewage you create, the more frequently your septic tank will need to be cleaned. 

As such, if, say, your kids move out of your home, you won’t need to clean your septic tank as frequently as you once did. In fact, you may even be able to wait a full year or two longer. 

Consider How Much You Use Your Garbage Disposal

The frequency at which you use your garbage disposal can have an effect as well. Namely, the more you use your garbage disposal, the quicker your septic tank is going to get dirty. 

This is because your septic tank will be taking on food scraps on a regular basis, many of which can cause clogs and blockages. Therefore, if you want to less your septic tank usage, you should use your garbage disposal less.

Signs You Need Septic Tank Cleaning 

While you should keep the above-reviewed timeline in mind, you should also keep a lookout for signs that septic tank cleaning is needed. Some of these signs include the following:

Poor Odors from Your Drains

One of the first things that might indicate a dirty septic tank is poor odors coming from your drains. If there are foul odors emitting from your drains, it’s because the sewage in your septic tank is starting to back up toward the drains from which it came. As such, foul odors are festering just on the opposite side of your drain surface. 

This problem will grow worse if you don’t take action. Clean your septic tank within the next few weeks to avoid all chances of sewage backup. 

Extremely Slow Drainage

You know how long it generally takes for sewage to flow down your drains. If it’s taking longer than it once did, it’s likely because your septic tank is clogged, therefore blocking sewage from flowing at its usual speed. 

If drainage is at a near standstill, there’s no doubt about it: you have to clean your septic tank. Allowing this problem to persist will just result in increasingly slower drainage. At some point, your sewage will actually back up into your drains, leaving disaster in its wake.

An Abnormally Green Spot on Your Lawn

Another sign that you need septic tank cleaning is that you have an abnormally green spot in your yard. If this exists over your septic tank’s drain field, it’s undoubtedly due to sewage leakage. The sewage is acting as manure and helps your grass to grow bountifully. 

Of course, sewage leakage is a sure sign that pumping and cleaning are needed. In fact, if it’s gotten to this point, you should have cleaned your septic tank out months or even years ago, as you’re currently dealing with an overflowing septic tank. 

Sewage Backup

A sure sign that you need to clean your septic tank is that there’s sewage backing up into your home. Unfortunately, if it’s gotten to this point, it’s already too late. Odds are, parts of your home are already damaged. 

Note, though, that if action isn’t taken swiftly, this will happen again. See, your septic tank is so clogged that it’s leaving little room through which new sewage can flow. As a result, it’s pushing back up into the source from which it came as well as into other sources.

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