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(360) 736-2167

Septic Riser Installation

Need A Septic Riser Installed? Goebel Rises to the Occasion.

Are you tired of having to excavate a giant hole in your yard every time you need access to your septic tank? Modernize your septic system and make maintenance a breeze with a septic riser installation from Goebel.

Upgrade To A Riser For Ease Of Use

If you own an older home with a septic system, your system was most likely installed without a riser. This can make it difficult, time-consuming, more expensive and even potentially dangerous to access your septic system for emergency pumping or routine maintenance. 

Upgrade Your Septic System Today

We are pumped to provide the best septic services in the area! Goebel Septic Service is a locally-owned, family-operated business that has been serving homes and businesses in Western Washington since 1979. 

Goebel’s regular inspection and maintenance services will save you money and prevent headaches, and we’re your backup for when things get backed up! Our technicians are the best trained in the industry and receive ongoing education.  


Goebel’s team of septic professionals is here to help.

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Some Septic Maintenance "Dos and donts"

A full septic maintenance service from Goebel will include the following steps:

The first step in installing a septic riser is to locate the septic tank. This may involve digging up the soil in the area to find the location of the tank.

Once the septic tank is located, the area around it needs to be cleaned and cleared of any debris or dirt.

Prepare the septic tank lid by cleaning and inspecting it for any cracks or damage. If there are any issues with the lid, it may need to be replaced before the riser can be installed.

Install the riser by attaching it to the top of the septic tank, using adhesive or bolts. The riser should be fitted tightly to the tank to prevent any leaks.

Cut the riser to the correct height so that it is level with the surrounding ground. The height will depend on factors such as the depth of the septic tank and local regulations.

Install the septic tank lid, making sure it is airtight and secured in place to prevent any leaks.

Backfill, level, and compact the soil around the area

Install a safety barrier to prevent any accidental falls or damage to the lid.

Test the system once the installation is complete to ensure that it is functioning properly and there are no leaks.

Make sure your septic riser installation is done correctly and safely. Go with Goebel—we are Western Washington’s septic specialists!





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