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(360) 736-2167

Septic Maintenance

Keep Your Home And Your Pocketbook Healthy With Simple Septic Maintenance

Enjoy the relief of knowing that your family’s health and home are protected, and that you won’t be blindsided by unforeseen, expensive emergency septic repairs. Keep everything moving like it should with regular septic system maintenance from the specialists at Goebel’s Septic Service.

Goebel is Here to help

At Goebel Septic, we help you understand and properly care for your septic system before and after unfortunate issues arise. Following a few simple tips and being aware of the warning signs will help you avoid the health hazards and a costly burden of a septic system failure.

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We are pumped to provide the best septic services in the area! Goebel Septic Service is a locally-owned, family-operated business that has been serving homes and businesses in Western Washington since 1979. 

Goebel’s regular inspection and maintenance services will save you money and prevent headaches, and we’re your backup for when things get backed up! Our technicians are the best trained in the industry and receive ongoing education.  


Goebel’s team of septic professionals is here to help.

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Some Septic Maintenance "Dos and donts"

A full septic maintenance service from Goebel will include the following steps:


▪ Regularly inspect your system.

▪ Pump your septic tank as needed.

▪ Keep your septic tank lids closed and secured.

▪ Be water-wise; reduce the amount of household water used.

▪ Direct water from land and roof drains away from the drain field.

▪ Landscape with awareness.

▪ Keep septic tank lids easily accessible.


▪ Don’t use a garbage disposal.

▪ Don’t flush anything except toilet paper into your septic system.

▪ Don’t put household chemicals down the drain.

▪ Don’t park cars and trucks on your drain field, reserve area, or septic tank.

▪ Don’t use septic tank additives.

▪ Don’t drain water from hot tubs into your septic system

Regular maintenance will keep your septic system functioning properly and will help prevent costly repairs, protect your family’s health, and preserve the property values of your home.





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