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Portable Toilets: The Ultimate Event Guide

There are five things that no event can do without; food, drink, entertainment, good company, and bathrooms. All your guests have the right to have a clean place to relieve themselves. 

If you’re holding the event in your yard, you can offer up the private bathrooms in your home, but depending on how many guests you have, that could put a huge strain on your sewage system. The two to three bathrooms you have might not be enough to accommodate all your guests either. 

The best way to keep everyone’s bladder happy is with portable toilets. Not only will they be able to accommodate everyone on your guest list, but you can also have them customized to match the theme of your event. Keep reading to learn more.


You can use your private toilet for your event, but if you want to make sure your guests have a sanitary place to relieve themselves, you’ll have to do a bit of cleaning. 

Getting a port-o-Jon rental will require a lot less effort. You can count on your portable restrooms being clean on arrival. 

Easy Access to Toilets

Depending on how many guests you have, the private restrooms in your home aren’t going to be enough to accommodate everyone. If you have a bathroom line spanning out of your house, your guests will get understandably frustrated. 

Portable toilets can provide a comfortable place for multiple people to relieve themselves at once. That will keep the bathroom line moving along smoothly. 

Protects Private Property

Residential toilets are made to accommodate small families, not large crowds of people.

Letting guests use your private toilet will put a strain on your sewage system. By renting a port-o-potty, you’ll save your home plumbing. 

Adaptability and Customization 

Portable restrooms are made to take up as little space as possible. No matter how many guests you have, you’ll be able to rent a number of toilets to match. 

You can also customize portable toilets according to your event. For example, there are luxury restroom trailers for backyard weddings. 

You’ll Have More Venue Options 

Renting a smaller venue can be a great way to save money on your event. The problem is that there may not be enough restrooms to accommodate everyone on your guest list. 

That doesn’t mean you have to trade out that cheap venue for a larger one. You can rent a few portable toilets to act as backup. 

Keeps Guests From Leaving 

If there aren’t enough toilets at your venue, some of your guests may choose to leave and go to a gas station instead of waiting in long bathroom lines. 

Once they leave the property, there’s a chance that they won’t come back due to the inconvenience. 

Events to Rent a Port-O-Potty For 

You can get a port-o-potty rental for a variety of events. The most popular occasion is backyard weddings. 

They also make a helpful addition to sporting events, family reunions, construction projects, wine tastings, and home showings. 


Planning a wedding can be more than a bit hectic. Between transportation for your guests and catering, there are tons of details that you have to consider. It can be easy to forget something. 

If that something is restroom options, however, it could throw your beautiful ceremony into chaos. To ensure everyone is comfortable and has a good time, rent a few portable toilets. 

They can be decorated to match the theme of your wedding. You can also get temperature-controlled portable bathroom trailers that have sinks lighting, and mirrors. 

Sporting Events 

Sporting events attract hundreds of fans and athletes who are going to need to have a place to use the bathroom. To make sure you accommodate everyone, scatter a few porta potties throughout the sporting venue. 

The general rule of thumb is to place bathrooms near the entrance, middle, and back of the arena. Don’t be afraid to put a few near the bleachers as well. 

When it comes to figuring out how many you’ll need, use your ticket sales to get a good estimate. 

Family Reunions 

If you have your family reunion at a park, there’s a good chance that there will be public restrooms somewhere. The thing is, you can’t count on them being close. There also may not be enough if you have a big family. 

Have your loved ones RSVP for the event and rent portable bathrooms accordingly. 

Construction Projects

Are you planning home or business renovations? You’ll need to hire contractors to take care of the construction. 

Renting a portable bathroom will be an extra expense, but it’s a nice gesture to provide the workers with a place to use the restroom. It will also increase productivity. The contractors will be able to do their business and get back to work instead of having to travel to a nearby gas station. 

Drinking Events 

Holding wine and beer tastings is a great way to get people to socialize and try your products. The thing about alcohol is that it will go straight through you, however. 

Your guests are going to need to have access to a bathroom. If you don’t have a portable sanitation station or two sitting around the venue, people aren’t going to do a lot of drinking. 

Home Showings

Real estate agents and homeowners sometimes rent port-o-potties for house showings.

This is especially true if the house has been vacant for some time. Buyers can’t use the bathroom if the water’s been shut off. 

Get Portable Toilets for Your Next Event 

As you can see, portable toilets are the perfect addition to any outdoor event. They’ll give your guests a sanitary and convenient place to use the restroom. 

They can also be customized to match the theme of your event. No matter if it’s a wedding or family reunion, there’s a port-o-potty that can meet your needs. Contact us to get an estimate on our rentals today.