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Party Poopers: How To Save Your Outdoor Event With Portable Restrooms Party

Going to events and celebrations is what makes an ordinary day extraordinary. We get dressed up and bring gifts, but no one thinks about going to an event and not having a place to use the restroom, that is the host’s job. 

Are you throwing a party or hosting an event soon that you will need portable restrooms delivered for? Let’s find out more about the details of the rental process.

Renting Portable Restrooms

Hosting an event means that you must think of everything from catering, to entertainment, and even the bathroom situation.

Is there is a bathroom on site already? Will it be available to your guests, and will it be sufficient enough to service your entire guest list?

Most often home plumbing can not handle the needs of large guest lists with a flush after flush. And, if you have a large number of guests that will be eating and drinking chances are that there will be a line of people waiting to use the restroom all night.

This can be frustrating for people who just want to relieve themselves and get back to enjoying your event. Renting a few portable restrooms will give your guests the freedom to use the restroom without waiting in line, and get back to having fun.

Luxury Portable Restrooms

Are you looking for something a bit more sophisticated than the standard portable restroom rental for your event? Luxury portable restrooms have more to offer than a standard unit and are more suitable for events such as weddings.

A luxury restroom is more like a regular bathroom in a home with lighting, flushing toilets, and handwash stations. 

How Many Portable Restrooms Will You Need?

So, you have decided that you definitely need to rent portable restrooms for your event. But, how many portable restrooms will you need?

One portable restroom for every 50 guests per four hours. So, if you have 200 guests and your event is 6 hours long, you will need to rent 8 portable restrooms.

If you are renting luxury portable restrooms, they include more than one toilet in each rental unit. 

Do Your Guests Need a Handicap Accessible Restroom?

If you know your guest list through and through, you will be aware of your individual guest’s needs. If there is anyone on your guest list that uses a wheelchair you will need to add one handicap-accessible portable restroom to your rental order.

A handicap-accessible restroom has a wide door that a wheelchair can easily fit through. The door will also be flush with the ground so that there is not a step up into the portable restroom like in the standard units.

Another feature of a handicap-accessible portable restroom is handrails along the interior walls of the unit. The handrails are used for extra support when sitting down or standing up.

If you are unsure of exactly who will be coming to your event, or what their needs are, then adding a handicap-accessible portable restroom to your order will be suggested just in case. 

Renting Portable Sinks

Planning an outdoor event, especially one that is serving food will require some type of handwashing station. You want your guests to be able to wash their hands before and after eating so that they can be clean and sanitary instead of spreading germs.

Standard portable restrooms do not come equipped with freshwater handwashing stations. Hand wash units can be rented separately.

A free-standing hand wash station comes with a freshwater supply and hand soap. These units can be placed in the same area as your portable restrooms so that guests can wash their hands when they come out of the restroom.

Hand wash stations can also be rented for use near where food is being served so that guests do not have to walk to the area where the restrooms are to wash their hands before eating or touching food. This is handy for the staff catering the food, as well.

Portable Restrooms For All Types of Events

What types of events are portable restrooms rented for? Portable restrooms are appropriate for any type of venue, and any type of  event with guests such as:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduations
  • Retirement parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Baby showers
  • Work social events
  • Conferences
  • Concerts

Does your event fall into one of these categories, or is it a unique event? No matter what type of event you are having, one thing is for sure- your guests will need a place to use the restroom. 

Buying a Portable Restroom

For venues that need more than a rental, buying a portable restroom could be a better option. rather than renting portable restrooms every time an event is held, buying a unit (or two) could prove to be more cost-effective and easier.

Of course, when you rent a portable restroom, the rental company also handles emptying and cleaning the unit, which will now be your responsibility. You can hire a septic service to pump out the portable restroom after each event, and before the next one.

The Rental Process

How do you go about renting a portable restroom? The rental process is quite simple, actually.

Once you have the details of your event such as time, place, and amount of guests you can contact the portable restroom rental service and discuss the details of your event to reserve your rentals.

Such a Relief

Isn’t it a relief to know that your guests will be able to use the restroom while they are at your event? From portable restrooms to portable sinks, we’ve got it covered.

For rental reservations and any additional questions about our products and services, reach out to us at Goebel Septic Tank Services any time.