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Everything You Need to Know About the Porta Potty Rental Process

Remember the sweat dripping down your forehead as you walk around the state fair looking for a place to use a porta potty?

What about the music festival lines when there are not enough facilities to go around? There are only so many ways to look the pee dance look cool when you’ve got 18 buttons to undo.

You’ve been there. We all have. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

As a business owner or event manager, convenience and consideration are key to ensuring your guests are satisfied. When you go the extra mile, it shows.

Sometimes the extra mile looks like mints on a pillow, but more often, the extra mile means your organization showed up where it counts.

Portable sanitation might be one of the most important parts of hosting an event that lasts longer than an hour.

On the other side of a pandemic, we find ourselves more aware than ever of exactly how bacteria spreads and why sanitizing is non-negotiable.

No matter the crowd, big or small, proper hygiene and accessibilities can change a crowded experience for the better.

Porta Potty Rental Breakdown

Porta potties are an incredible resource to set up shop in an area that lacks plumbing. Whether it’s a giant family camping reunion or a birthday party atop the biggest hill in the neighborhood- accessible facilities improve quality.

Just like any service you pay for, reliability and care are essential.

Working with a company that outlines its processes clearly can give you an idea of how smooth your exchange will be. You’ll want to consider a few foundational details before requesting a quote from your provider.

You will need to reflect on what type of event you are hosting and how many people you expect to show up. Is it a concert-sized event or a small gathering? Will the event stretch across acres or a parking lot?

You’ll also need to decipher the hours your event will be running. If your event is the size of the typical state fair and runs for 10 hours a day, there’s a good chance you’ll need more stations than you’re anticipating.

Regardless of what side of the property they’re on, your guests won’t be in pure discomfort standing in enormous line because you only rented two potties.

Porta potties vary in function. Some are high-rise and built specifically for construction work. There are even standard and deluxe potties depending on the need of your event.

Know Your Source

The ideal porta potty rental experience is straightforward, quick, and completed with compassion.

Though it’s not the most beautiful business, it is a necessity. And working with the highest quality professionals in the game is your best bet. A good indicator of an excellent porta jon rental service is easy to gauge from their website.

Quality service means options and options unlock accessibility. Serving all sorts of needs and abilities is crucial. Wanting to use a clean, accessible restroom is a universal human need.
You can determine the types of amenities you want to include along with your rental.

Some amenities can include hand washing stations, sanitization stations, holding tanks, and restroom trailers. Opting for regularly scheduled maintenance is a no-brainer.

Imagine if there were no sanitizing stations or maintenance provided at music festivals. The thought itself is nightmare fuel. If your event lasts a few days to a few weeks, maintenance is crucial.

There’s nothing worse than a poor hygiene review. That type of impact is difficult to bounce back from. On the other side of the fence, reviews about intentional hygiene and cleanliness are encouraging for folks who are considering utilizing your services in the future.

The Details

Filling out your rental contract, like any contract, is a time to explore what the services rendered can provide for you.

Be mindful of the servicer’s expectations and ask questions throughout your exchange. This will set both you and your rental company up for success. Paperwork is everywhere, engrained in everything. Arguably as exciting as figuring out your tax deductions.

If you’re in the mid-stage of securing your rental and you’re about to put down a deposit, add permit checks to your list before you do. When you play the game of porta potty rentals, you play the game of numbers.

Permits are a necessary hoop that distributors and clients may be required to jump through. Don’t let it intimidate you. Acquiring a permit for a local event is easy enough and almost always successful if you follow the rules.

Knowing your expectations ahead of time can help your porta potty servicer meet your needs more directly. We’ve all missed a step in organizing a large event, and it’s never fun to find out at the end.

Set yourself up for success by consulting your purveyor. You can bounce ideas, event placement, and even hear testimonials from other folks’ experiences.

If your event is a neighborhood block party, looking into local permits is as easy as a phone call. You can connect with your local authorities to learn more about your city and state regulations.

Helping Create Stress-Free Events

There’s a thin line between being a good host and being a great host.

Hospitality stretches beyond champagne flutes and name tags. A porta potty rental service can help you provide the best stress-free event.

If you’re ready to plan, contact us today. We’re ready to serve your planning needs.