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6 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Portable Sanitation Services

Are you thinking about hiring a portable sanitation service? Professional portable sanitation services come in handy for a variety of different venues.

Some examples of events where your portable sanitation service comes in handy include weddings, outdoor concerts, parties, or festivals.

Let’s be honest, what’s worse than being at an outdoor event with no access to a bathroom? Portable sanitation services are great accommodation for your guests for a number of different reasons.

Do you wish to learn about the 6 reasons that you should hire a professional for portable sanitation services? Then keep reading this article to learn more.

1) Variety of Units

Did you know that there are many different options when it comes to porta potty rentals? At Goebel, we offer several different units tailored to your needs.

First, we offer standard porta potty units. These are often the basic individual porta potty that you can find at your local park or construction site.

Next, we offer handicap units. These porta potties are bigger in size and specifically made for those with physical disabilities because they are wheelchair accessible.

Keep in mind, that we also offer units that are approved by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) in Washington.

Moreover, we offer hand wash units, which come with their own portable sanitation station to wash your hands. We even offer standalone portable handwash sinks which allow guests to wash or sanitize their hands outside of the porta-potty.

We also offer porta potties that are especially useful for transportation. Our high-rise units are much smaller in size and are easily transportable. Likewise, we have portable toilets with life hooks that can easily be transported by cranes.

Lastly, we offer holding tanks that are between 250 to 300 gallons. These hold excess waste so the porta potties can go longer without being emptied.

2) Sanitation

We all know the importance of hygiene and sanitation. This is especially true in the age of COVID-19. Renting a porta potty with portable sanitation will ensure the hygiene of the guests at your venue.

We aren’t only limited to soap and water in our porta-potties. We also offer portable hand sanitizing stations with a portable hand sanitizer dispenser.

While handwashing is always important, hand sanitizing stations are a big convenience for guests.

At Goebel, we go above and beyond to ensure proper hygiene measures of your porta potty. However, it’s important for you to also check up on your porta potties to make sure they are clean and comfortable for your guests.

3) Eco-Friendly

Did you know that porta-potties are much better for the environment? According to Surco, portable toilets can save over 125 million gallons of water. That’s because portable toilets are flushed less frequently in comparison to regular toilets.

Porta potties also dispose of human waste correctly, protecting the environment from contamination and diseases.

If you’re someone who cares deeply about the environment, this is another top reason to hire a portable sanitation service.

4) Cost Efficient

If you’re worried about the cost of portable sanitation services, fear no more. You might be surprised to learn that portable sanitation services are relatively inexpensive.

The price of your rental will differ based upon the size of your event and the type of unit you wish to rent.

If you’re in need of a service, you must apply for a quote. This will give you an estimate of how much your portable sanitation services will cost.

Regular block restrooms are far more expensive than portable sanitation services. Therefore, if you’re looking to save money at your special event, porta-potties are the way to go.

5) Comfortability and Convenience

Does your event run for a long period of time? Are there food and drinks served at this event?

If so, hiring a portable sanitation service is an absolute necessity for the comfort and convenience of your guests.

Without bathrooms on the premises, you will have guests turning to desperate measures. They may even have to leave the event altogether to find a nearby restroom.

This inconvenience is a sure way to make your guests unhappy with your event.

A portable sanitation service will prevent this dreadful hassle and make your guests satisfied.

6) Saving Time

Finally, hiring a portable sanitation service will cut back on time. Installing a regular toilet block restroom is a huge process that takes up a lot of your time. This can cause an enormous amount of unnecessary stress when planning your special event.

When renting a porta potty unit, we will help you throughout the entire duration of the process.

Another pro of porta potties is that they can be easily transported to and from your special event. They will also be maintained throughout your event so you will not have to constantly worry about them.

When hosting a special event, the primary focus should be your guests. Hiring a portable sanitation service will allow you to put your time and energy into other important matters of the event.

Hire Portable Sanitation Services Today

Those were the 6 different reasons to hire portable sanitation services. Have these reasons convinced you to hire porta potty units for your special event?

Then why not take advantage of the porta potty units we offer at Goebel today? We also offer commercial and residential septic services.

If you’re interested in any of our sanitation services, visit our website to receive a quote. You can also contact us today for any questions or inquiries.