Goebel Septic Tank Services can take care of it for you!

  • Septic Pumping – This service includes a full inspection of your system, to insure it’s in proper working order for the best longevity of the system.
  • Septic Inspection – We offer just a septic inspection to help you maintain your septic system – e-filter cleaning or Thurston County operational certificate.
  • Septic baffle repair – The Baffles are important components inside the septic tank. The INLET BAFFLE needs to be intact so it can direct the flow of wastewater away from the scum and sludge layers. Without an inlet baffle, the effluent  (water exiting the tank) will be very dirty causing premature drain field failure.  The OUTLET BAFFLE is even more important because it prevents the scum layer from leaving the tank.
  • Septic Riser Installation – Installing septic risers are a highly recommended addition to your septic system. The septic riser will make maintaining and monitoring your septic system much easier and more convenient.
  • Portable Sanitation – Whether it be construction or an event, maybe a family reunion or a campout. We offer all of your portable sanitation needs.
  • Grease Traps – We offer grease trap pumping for small to large grease traps. We also have a pro-vac to help with those small indoor grease traps, our pro-vac insures the sanitary clean up from the inside location of your grease trap.

 Call us today and let us know how we can help.



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