SEPTIC Baffle Repair

Within your tank you have a septic baffle to make sure the different materials can flow in and out without disruption. 

At Goebel we will clean and inspect your septic baffle.

If we find that your septic baffle needs repair or replacing we will make recommendations to make sure your whole system is working properly.

With over 40 years of experience, you can count on the fact that you are in good hands.

What are septic baffles?

The Baffles are important components inside the septic tank. The inlet baffle needs to be intact so it can direct the flow of wastewater away from the scum and sludge layers. Without an inlet baffle, the effluent (water exiting the tank) will be very dirty causing premature drain field failure. The outlet baffle is even more important because it prevents the scum layer from leaving the tank.